Frequently Asked Questions

You'll feel healthier almost immediately! Physical changes will take a little longer, with noticeable differences from around 8-12 weeks. But everyone is different, maybe less, maybe more! It also depends how hard you are working! Enjoy the journey and before you know it you'll see the changes transforming you!
If you stick to your plan entirely, you will see big results! Its down to your effort levels, don't make excuses. If you do feel unsatisfied or think you need advice or some clarification then please contact our Progressors.
Missing one workout or messing up on a few meals won't break your Progress, but remember consistency is key. Don't get stressed, focus on your goal and get back on track as soon as you can!
At the moment, no. But we are currently working on it and should have a home workout option very soon!
Easy! You can do it any time, just go to your dashboard and view your subscription. You can make immediate changes there!
If you happen to miss a payment, for whatever reason, then your account will be automatically suspended. But, all you need to do is log in, make your missed payment, and you're good to go again!
Should you decide to leave, for whatever reason, all you need do is visit your dashboard. There you'll be able to see your subscription details and you can cancel from there!
When your friend signs up, it'll show up in your dashboard as a 'pending referral'. When they make their first monthly payment, at which point they'll become an 'active referral', then you'll get 25% discount. For life.
You can change the majority of your personal information via your consultation. If you have made a mistake entering your date of birth or gender then please contact support to make that change. Please see the next question for changes to your training variables.
You can change your goal or your training frequency by visiting your consultation! However, as changes to these variables can result in significant changes in your training approach and your dietary guidelines you will only be able to make a change once every four weeks. This is to encourage you to stick to your goal choice and your routine and prevent you from messing your body around too much.
We're updating our FAQ's constantly, if you have one that isn't answered above please either ask your question on our Facebook page or contact us.

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